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Marie-Caroline Fiore, General Secretary


Marie-Caroline Fiore is the General Secretary of the Synergie Lyon Cancer Foundation and has long experience in managing cross- and multidisciplinary projects. Highly capable of federating different people and entities, solid and enthusiastic, she is the operational orchestrator of the Foundation’s perpetuation and success.

Marie-Caroline Fiore left Paris for Lyon after starting her career in biomedical research in service companies. From 2002 to 2007, she managed and developed GELARC (Adult Lymphomas Study Group – Clinical Research; now known as LYSARC).
Marie-Caroline worked for two years at the University Hospital of St Etienne in the framework of restoring financial balance, before being recruited as the General Secretary of the Synergie Lyon Cancer Foundation.

With a strong background in the sciences and business management, a professional itinerary that has led her to work for very different types of structure (public services, industry, a service company, an association), and closely affected by cancer, she decided to place all her competences and knowhow in the service of the highest level of cancer research.

I can understand the constraints, needs and functioning of each of our partners and sponsors, since I have worked in such establishments myself. I can draw on my entire itinerary to place myself at the interface between the different actors who work alongside and with each other for the benefit of the patients.


Marie-Caroline Fiore devotes all her energy to making the Synergie Lyon Cancer Foundation function in accordance with the strategic orientations determined by her Management Board: “I implement the directives by proposing operating procedures and action plans. Although the major decisions remain collegial, I have full independence to make the choices regarding the most pertinent means of applying them”. As General Secretary, she must not only know what to do but above all what to have done.  Also, she has to “find the information and partners who share the same values of ethics and excellence”. 

Convinced that a foundation “must show that it is worthy of trust and provide concrete proof of impeccable management and professional organisation”, Marie-Caroline Fiore is in constant contact with other foundations through the Centre Français des Fonds et des Fondations. “I have to ensure that the Synergie Lyon Cancer Foundation is an attractive structure in perfect conformity with standards and that it meets the expectations of its sponsors. It’s a question of respect for the researchers, donators, the government and our employees”. On a daily basis, Marie-Caroline invests her energy as much in seeking funds and project management as she does in implementing communication tools, general administration and personnel management. “With my job, I exploit all my competences and I do what I like doing, meaning crossing the frontiers between disciplines and being highly versatile”.

Fascinated by the intelligence and complexity of life”, Marie-Caroline Fiore started her studies by taking a Master’s degree in molecular biology and genetics at the Université d'Orsay in 1989. Scientific by curiosity, she is also pragmatic by nature, with a technical slant. Marie-Caroline continued her education at an engineering school in Dijon, where she specialised in the influence of food in the development of cancer. Her “dual studies in science, in which she devoted herself totally to one subject, and in engineering, where one must take into account a problem as a whole”, led her to take the path of biomedical research. Afterwards, she worked as a clinical researcher and project manager in a service company. “There, I learned how to manage a complex organisation, and how to manage projects and cross-disciplinary aspects. This involves mixing people and ideas that seem very different at first glance, to ensure the projects are successful”.