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Set up in 2012, the Drug Discovery and Development Center C3D provides scientific researchers with the expertise and infrastructures required to change their discoveries into potentially therapeutic molecules.

Stéphane Giraud, Responsable opérationnel C3D

C3D Center

Since October 2012, Stéphane Giraud has been the dynamic operational manager of the C3D Center (Centre for Drug Discovery and Development) of the Synergie Lyon Cancer Foundation.

Stéphane Giraud took up the challenge to set up the C3D drug discovery center with great motivation and energy. “It’s really stimulating for me to have everything to set up and carry out. I voluntarily take on different responsibilities to ensure that this center functions well and is a success!” Indeed, Stéphane Giraud has overall responsibility of the scientific, administrative and operational dimensions of the C3D. He also acts as the link between the center, its suppliers and its “client” researchers, and he participates in formulating the C3D’s communication strategy.  

We supply expertise and technologies to laboratories to provide them with the resources for developing their research programs.

The center positions itself upstream of the clinical development of drugs. Its aim is to identify innovative candidate compounds and provide its expertise and resources to research teams. “The C3D is one of the few French academic laboratories positioned at the interface between fundamental research, clinical research and industry”, says Stéphane Giraud with satisfaction. “We’re at the heart of a cluster of high level scientific and medical excellence, and have the resources available on site to perform interdisciplinary works of quality”.

After receiving his PhD in molecular and cellular biology, Stéphane Giraud worked for four years as a hospital assistant at the Hospices Civils de Lyon (HCL) and the Molecular and Cellular Genetics Center of the University of  Lyon 1. In 2003, he joined the service company Idealp Pharma, specialized in drug discovery for the pharmaceutical industry. “By learning the trade of pharmaceutical research, Idealp Pharma was a key step towards my post at the C3D”, recalls Stéphane Giraud.

Initially project manager, he set up and managed the Biology/ADMET laboratory at Idealp Pharma before becoming a consultant in preclinical and regulatory development for biotech companies. He was also scientific consultant at ACIES Finance, where he consolidated his knowledge of the legal and financial aspects of research.