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The Bioinformatics Center of the Synergie Lyon Cancer Foundation places its expertise and human and technological resources at the service of the structure and interpretation of cancer genomic data.

Valérie Vautrin, Senior administrator

Bioinformatics center

Valérie Vautrin joined the Synergie Lyon Cancer Foundation and brought with her a true innovative spirit. Since 2009, the “office manager” has worked both enthusiastically and seriously on the administrative management of the bioinformatics platform.

Does the bioinformatics platform need a new piece of equipment to enrich its collection or does the team need to recruit a young engineer to benefit from additional expertise? Valérie Vautrin, senior administrator at the Synergie Lyon Cancer Foundation, deals with all matters regarding demands for supplies or staff: “I supervise all of the financial and budgetary aspects of the bioinformatics platform”, she explains. And that’s not all, “I also hold the position of administrative relay for all of the collaborators of the platform and of interface with the Centre Léon Bérard for its logistics and infrastructure”.

Valérie Vautrin also contributes to the establishment, the implementation and the monitoring of the platform projects: “Drafting reports, taking part in meetings, compiling report summaries, interacting with all parties involved, establishing agreements and contracts… There is always so much to do!”. And finally, she is also responsible for organising scientific events and partly for managing the timetable of the supervisor of the platform, namely the Prof. Gilles Thomas.

A gratifying administrators position, in which I am independent yet well supervised

After graduating with an Advanced Technician’s Certificate (BTS) as a bilingual assistant manager, her young dynamic nature was able to thrive whilst working for high-tech industries. After beginning her career as an assistant manager in a fundamental research laboratory, Valérie Vautrin “wanted to join a more dynamic structure working in an innovative field”. Her missions for Hewlett Packard and, subsequently, for Philips, conducted on a R & D platform, proved to be “interesting and instructive” : “I was able to improve my understanding of the administrative aspects and general organisation of a business at an international level, and to acquire in-depth knowledge and experience in interpersonal skills and business strategies, such as communication and marketing”.

At the  Synergie Lyon Cancer Foundation, Valérie Vautrin appreciates the “human and authentic professional relationships” that she nurtures with all of the parties involved. She feels that she is acknowledged and supported, as part of a “dynamic cohesive team”: “I believe it is already extremely rewarding to work in the field of research, and in addition, I am particularly privileged to work with open minded and forward-looking people”, she admits.