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Editorial of Foundation's President

 “After being involved for 30 years in research and development in oncology, I firmly believe in closer relations and partnerships between academic science and the pharmaceutical industry.  Regarding the area of cancer in particular, for which huge therapeutic needs remain unsatisfied, it is more than ever necessary to speed up the transfer of discoveries to clinical applications that benefit patients.

The solidity of the Synergie Lyon Cancer Foundation above all relies on the women and men that compose it, a united team of top-flight researchers, expert engineers and admirable persons, from both scientific and ethical standpoints. They have the intellectual alacrity, expertise and dynamism to ensure scientific and medical excellence, and infuse an innovative vision in research.  By focusing on cancer escape and therapeutic targeting, it can concentrate its resources on a specific and demanding theme, but one which is also common to all cancers and fundamental for the development of new treatments.

 Its resources and know-how make the Synergie Lyon Cancer Foundation a launching pad for turning novel ideas into realities.


By setting up leading edge technological facilities in research and healthcare establishments, the Synergie Lyon Cancer Foundation works to create a research centre of excellence that contributes to attracting top flight researchers from all over the world.

Synergie Lyon Cancer places itself at the interface between researchers and clinicians, and responds to their needs through the flexibility of its governance to develop the most promising of their projects. The Synergie Lyon Cancer Foundation gives impetus to the system.

Convinced of the pertinence of pooling resources and of the continuum between fundamental research and clinical research for human health, I am delighted to preside this Foundation. I wish a long and successful journey for Synergie Lyon Cancer!”

Jean-Pierre Bizzari, April 2013