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The Governance

The governance of the Synergie Lyon Cancer Foundation is composed of a Management Board and a Steering Committee.

The Management Board

The Management Board is composed of the four founding members of the Synergie Lyon Cancer Foundation, two elected members representing the researchers and teacher-researchers, two qualified personalities, a representative of the Rhône-Alpes Region and representatives of two partners.

It is responsible for determining the Foundation’s strategic orientations, based on the proposals of the Scientific Steering Committee.

It meets at least twice a year.

List of the members

  • Florence AGOSTINO-ETCHETTO, Lyonbiopole – partner
  • Doctor Jean-Pierre BIZZARI, qualified personality and President
  • Professor Jean-Yves BLAY, Centre Léon Bérard - founding member
  • Marc BONNEVILLE, qualified personality
  • Professor Christine CHOMIENNE, partner - INCa
  • Professor Frédéric FLEURY, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 - founding member
  • Muriel MALBEZIN, Hospices Civils de Lyon – founding member
  • Doctor Nadine MARTIN, elected researcher
  • Dominique PELLA, Inserm – founding member
  • Professor Alain PUISIEUX, Centre Léon Bérard - founding member
  • Doctor Marina ROUSSEAU-TSANGARIS, Centre Léon Bérard - founding member
  • Professor Gilles SALLES, elected teacher-researcher
  • Professor Véronique TRILLET-LENOIR, Hospices Civils de Lyon - founding member
  • Professor Thomas WALTER, elected teacher-researcher
  •  regional authorities


The Scientific Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is composed of 4 to 8 doctors or researchers belonging to the network and representative of its scientific spectrum. Its members are appointed by the Management Board, based on the proposals of the founding members.
It is responsible for coordinating the network’s scientific activity. The Scientific Steering Committee proposes orientations and a scientific strategy that are discussed and validated by the Management Board.

List of the members :

  • Professor Jean-Yves BLAY,
  • Doctor Christophe CAUX,
  • Doctor François DUCRAY,
  • Professor Nicolas GIRARD,
  • Doctor Patrick MEHLEN,
  • Professor Alain PUISIEUX,
  • Professor Claire RODRIGUEZ-LAFRASSE,
  • Doctor Toufic RENNO,
  • Professor Gilles SALLES,
  • Doctor Olivier TREDAN,
  • Professor Alain VIARI.

On a daily basis

the Foundation is managed by the operations manager who works in close collaboration with the director and the financial manager. Together they propose an operational strategy to the management board.

The operations manager is in charge of the general administration, communication, seeking sponsorship, human resources and the Foundation’s financial management.
She validates with the financial manager everything regarding the budget and the action plans. As the financial manager is also the operations manager of Research of the Léon Bérard Centre, she is also very involved in research partnerships.

Director: Patrick MEHLEN

Operations manager: Cécile VERCHERAT-BERTOLINI

Financial Manager: Marina ROUSSEAU-TSANGARIS


Executive office: Jean-Pierre BIZZARI, Patrick MEHLEN, Marina ROUSSEAU-TSANGARIS,  Cécile VERCHERAT-BERTOLINI

The executive office manages the Foundation, implements the decisions of the management board and deals with urgent matters on its own initiative. It must account to the management board for its actions and the positions its takes.